According to Greek mythology, the Minyans (Μινύες) were an autochthonous group inhabiting the Aegean region. The "legendary" prehistory of this region indicates that members of the Minyan tribe accompanied the mythological hero Jason (Ἰάσων)--son of Aeson (Αἴσων), the king of Iolcos--to the grove of the Colchian Ares, which they reached using a ship that was designed by Athena and constructed by the shipwright Argus.

The ship was named the Argo, after her builder, and the Minyans that were her crew became known as the Argonauts.

The story of Jason and the Argonauts and their quest for the Golden Fleece makes it appropriate, then, for those who choose to follow us here at NCSI as we sail forth into the realms of the strange and the unknown, to be named Argonauts of the present; the modern Minyans.

Welcome aboard.