Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Giant Post

Does anyone believe this?

"A" is the "relative size guy," Homo Sapiens Sapiens

Maybe not.  The biblical Golyat (Goliath) would have been "C" or "D".  We have those in modern times, or at least close to it:

Even in photographs, these men stand out.  They loom, even when in friendly and non-threatening poses.  What would be the effect of "F", at 20 feet...or "I" the 36 foot colossus?

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  1. Leonard WashingtonTue Jan 01, 12:04:00 PM CST

    No doubt about it, giants exist. I think 'C' and 'D' are highly plausible. Also, if you consider the height of the average human back in the ancient times (4ft or so), it would be easy to see how they could have misjudged or exaggerated the height of the giants they saw. 15 actual feet could have been mistaken for 19 to 25 feet, especially if it was seen by kids. Did they ever find the skeletons of these 19 to 36 ft tall giants?